Bentonite cat litters are natural products obtained from nature. Today hygienic products are needed because of the dense presence of pets in homes. Bentonite presented by nature due to their quick clump and high fluid absorption capabilities, is the most ideal and preferred type of cat litters. For this reason, the natural bentonite presented to meet the needs, trap the bad smells and clumps keep the liquid so that the surrounding granules continue to stay dry and hygienic.






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What is Montmorillonite?
Montmorillonite is the main determinant of the suitability of Bentonitine for its quality and health use. In other words, the greater the amount of montmorillonite in a bentonite clay, the greater the interaction of this clay.
Montmorillonit first emerged as a name given to clay species with certain characteristics in the Montmorillon region in France. In nature, it is almost impossible to find clay formation with real 100% montmorillonite. It can be found in 50-60% richness, but it is present in a very limited range of 70-80% in some regions.
The most prominent feature is High Water Absorption and Swelling.